Dr. Sebabrata Mukherjee
Assistant Professor of Physics, IISc Bangalore, India
Email: mukherjee@iisc.ac.in , mukherjeesebabrata@gmail.com
Phone: +91 80 2293 2065 (office)

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Physics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK (2016)
    • M.Sc. Physics, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India (2012)
    • B.Sc. Physics (Hons), University of Calcutta, India (2010)
  • Employment
    • Assistant Professor: IISc Bangalore, India
    • Postdoctoral Scholar: Penn State University, PA, USA
    • Research Associate: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
    • Project Associate: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

Sebabrata Mukherjee was awarded the B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Calcutta in 2010 and the M.Sc. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2012. Prior to his doctoral research, he worked as a Project Associate at IIT Delhi. He undertook his Ph.D. at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in the area of experimental simulation of solid-state phenomena in photonic structures and was subsequently awarded The 2016 MacFarlane Prize for the most outstanding contribution to the research at the University. He worked as a Research Associate at Heriot-Watt University and postdoctoral scholar at the Pennsylvania State University, USA.

Sebabrata currently works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics IISc Bangalore. His research interests include photonics and condensed matter physics.

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Selected articles:

  1. M. Jürgensen, S. Mukherjee, M. C. Rechtsman “Quantized nonlinear Thouless pumping,” Nature 596, 63-67 (2021).
  2. S. Mukherjee and M. C. Rechtsman, “Observation of Floquet Solitons in a Topological Band Gap,” Science 368, 856 (2020).
    Perspective by Ablowitz and Cole, Science 368, 821 (2020). Press release: Penn State News, Phys.org.
  3. S. Mukherjee et al., “Experimental Observation of Aharonov-Bohm Cages in Photonic Lattices,” Physical Review Letters 121, 075502 (2018). Highlighted on the cover page of Physical Review Letters 121 (7).
  4. S. Mukherjee et al., “State-recycling and time-resolved imaging in topological photonic lattices,” Nature Communications 9, 4209 (2018). Press release: BBC News.
  5. S. Mukherjee et al., “Experimental observation of anomalous topological edge modes in a slowly driven photonic lattice,” Nature Communications 8, 13918 (2017).
  6. S. Mukherjee et al., “Observation of a localized flat-band state in a photonic Lieb lattice,” Physical Review Letters 114, 245504 (2015). Featured in Physics & Editors’ Suggestion. Viewpoint in Physical Review Letters doi:10.1103/Physics.8.55.
    News & Views in Nature Materials doi:10.1038/nmat4378.

Selected conference and seminar presentations:

  1. Observation of Topological Band Gap Solitons, CLEO 2020, 13 May 2020, USA (held virtually)
  2. Experimental observation of Aharonov-Bohm cages in photonic lattices, SPIE PhotonicsWest, 04 February, 2019, San Francisco, California, USA
  3. State-recycling and time-resolved imaging in topological photonic lattices, The 10th International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP), 2018, Beijing, China (Invited)
  4. Photonic flat-band lattices, International Workshop, Flatband Networks in Condensed Matter and Photonics, 2017, Center for Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems, Daejeon, South Korea
  5. Experimental observation of anomalous topological edge modes in a slowly-driven photonic lattice, International Workshop on Discrete, Nonlinear and Disordered Optics, 08-12 May 2017, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany
  6. Experimental simulation of solid-state phenomena using Photonic Lattices, research seminar, 02 November, 2016, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile